Rainstorm Counselling & Consulting (RSCC) is located in Victoria, BC and offers services across Canada.

Email: kirsten@kirstenluise.ca

Your privacy is important to me. Most email and video based communication services are not considered secure. Please note that any personal information you send to this email address is at your own risk.

I have a secure and confidential email address (kirstenluise@protonmail.com). PLEASE NOTE that this address is only confidential if:

  1. I start the conversation by sending you the first email (we will need to agree on a password), OR
  2. You also sign up for Proton Mail. ProtonMail is free, end to end encrypted email with servers based out of Switzerland. It is easy to use. Anyone who is familiar with web based internet applications (such as gmail) will immediately feel at home, as the navigation is very similar. As it is encrypted, you will not experience any difficulties with spam, ads, or solicitors. Proton Mail is also convenient in that it has both iOS and Android apps for your smartphone. Download the app from the App Store, or head over to the ProtonMail site to learn more and/or sign up.

Phone or Text: (250) 508-1394

Please note that hours may vary depending on the season/time of year. Evening and weekend appointments may also be available. Should you leave a voicemail, I endeavour to return your call within one business day.

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