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Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, Rainstorm Counselling & Consulting

Kirsten Mueller, MSW RSW

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused and worried about the future? Rainstorm Counselling & Consulting can help you move forward with courage, a plan and a sense of purpose.

Specialty areas include counselling for parent or caregiver stress, and health or disability challenges. Rainstorm Counselling & Consulting also can help you with counselling for worry & anxiety, stress & burnout, depression, and/or with grief and loss. If you or the person you are caring for is neurodiverse (conditions such as as ASD, ADHD, Dypraxia, Gifted, FASD, or ODD), ask me about my other work!

If you live in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, I offer walk & talk therapy. For those both in Victoria and throughout the rest of our beautiful province, I have been specializing in safe and secure online counselling since 2017. Email counselling is a particular favourite. We can also meet by video or over the phone.

My goal is to meet you where you are at – sometimes this means literally! These days, like many counsellors, most of my work is online, but many clients choose Rainstorm Counselling because of the walk and talk option. Since COVID 19, for housebound folks who live locally, this might even include a backyard visit at your home 😊.

In all these ways, I am proud to offer accessible and compassionate services to rural, busy and/or housebound individuals in need.

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Rainstorm Counselling & Consulting: “… because rainstorms can be good or bad … but they are always temporary.” — Heidi Hoffman