Counselling is expensive, and before you commit, you want to know if we are a good “fit”. The opportunity to check me out is offered at a reduced financial risk. You may choose from a 15 minute free consult, a reduced price on your first visit, or therapeutic email offered at a discount.

  1. Initial “try me out” session: $95. Alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of a fifteen minute free consult by phone or secure video, and then pay full price for the first session, should you choose to proceed. A good “fit” is the number one indicator of success in the counselling relationship. I encourage you to shop around!
  2. Therapeutic emails: $110 per letter. 
  3. All Other Services: $130 per session. (Note that “half-sessions” are available for video only, at $70 per visit, for maintenance and check-in purposes.)
  4. BEST VALUE! Online package deal, for all BC Residents: $695. Past clients and new clients are both eligible. This includes six sessions (mix and match email and video).
    • Package expires three months after the date of purchase, even if the full six sessions are not used up. Money is not refundable.
    • Full value must be paid up front.
    • Package is renewable at  the end of the three months.

What Else?

  1. The prices are the same regardless of the number of people involved in the session. Additionally, prices are the same for home visits, office visits, walk & talk therapy, and video sessions.
  2. A session “hour” last fifty minutes (with the exception of 25 minute maintenance/check in visits, which lasts 25 minutes). After every session you have the option to receive a therapeutic message, at no extra cost.
  3. Payments are due prior to the session, or prior to the counsellor’s therapeutic email being sent. I accept email transfer, cash, or personal cheque. 
  4. You must pay the full amount if you forget the appointment and do not show (with the exception of email counselling).
  5. If you live in British Columbia outside of the Lower Mainland and southern Vancouver Island area, cannot afford regular counselling and there are no reduced rate options available in your region, please ask me about my sliding scale.

The clinical counselling services of Registered Social Workers are HST/GST EXEMPT. This is because:

  • Canada Revenue Agency recognizes Social Work as a health profession, and
  • Social Workers have their own College that polices their conduct.

In addition to RSWs, as of this writing only Psychiatrists and Registered Psychologists qualify for this exemption. This means that you can claim the fees I charge as a medical expense when you file your taxes each year.

Many counsellors and agencies/organizations offer free or sliding scale counselling services. If you live in Greater Victoria, BC and would like information on these type of options, please get in touch. I can help direct you to one of these services. If you live elsewhere in British Columbia where you do not have access to free or sliding scale counselling, and cannot afford my rates, please get in touch. Together we can look at your options. RSCC may be able to offer you a reduced rate for online services.

Insurance Coverage

Counselling services offered by Registered Social Workers are often covered by private insurance companies, extended health care benefits and health care spending accounts.  Depending on your plan, I am an approved counselling provider for most people who have coverage through the following:

  • National Blue Cross,
  • Pacific, Ontario, or Medavie (Atlantic) Blue Cross,
  • GreenShield Canada,
  • SSQ Financial Group,
  • the Canadian Armed Forces, and
  • Veteran’s Affairs Canada.

This is not an exhaustive list. Please check with your insurance or benefits provider to determine the details of your eligibility.