When I started Rainstorm Counselling & Consulting I was asked, “What kind of people do you most love to work with? What issues do you get the most excited about?” The intent was to figure out my specialty and define my niche. Well … those were tough questions!

My background spans over twenty years. I have worked with a wide variety of people, and a wide variety of issues. Starting and running this practice has been a personal journey, where the people I have helped have also been my teachers.

My specialties (as listed below) cover the areas that have gotten me excited since Rainstorm began. These are the areas where I have knowledge and experience that enables me to provide you with skilled help and support. These are the reasons I love my work!

  1. Parenting Challenges
  2. Family/Relationship Conflict
  3. Chronic Health/Disability
  4. Anxiety, Stress and Burnout
  5. Depression